Bankroll Management: How to Keep Yourself in the Game

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The first step to proper bankroll management is to establish a bankroll strictly for wagering. This bankroll should be money that you can afford to lose, and should not consist of the rent payment or the down payment on your first house. If you can’t afford to lose, you should not be betting − period. This is one rule that you cannot afford to break!

The next step in your bankroll management strategy is to break down your entire bankroll into four equal blocks (no matter what money management strategy or sports betting system you employ, you must structure your bankroll in the same way). This way you will only risk 25% of your entire bankroll and protect the rest of your bankroll if you should hit a very bad losing streak.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Your bankroll is $1,000. You break down the $1,000 into four blocks of $250 each. Now, you’re ready to start playing a system with your first block of $250.

When you double your first block of $250, you withdraw the $500 and start over. When you withdraw the full initial deposit of $2,000, you are now playing with house money -- Risk Free!

The fifth time you double your block of $250, add it back to your total bankroll, which makes a total bankroll of $1,250. Again, you break down your new bankroll of $1,250 into four equal blocks of $312.50. When you double your block once again, you add it to the $1,250 to make $1,562.50. Now you have four blocks of $390.63.

Repeat this process again each time you double the block.

If you experience a long losing streak and lose the full block of $250, you take the remaining $750 and divide it into four equal blocks of $187.50. You’re ready to start wagering again.

This is a very powerful bankroll management strategy to not only grow your bankroll, but protect it against extremely bad luck. Use this strategy and you will be on your way to building a large bankroll that will allow you to live a lifestyle that you never imagined possible!

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