Smokin' Hot Baseball Betting Strategy

"Dominant MLB Team Playing Better Entering a New Series"

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Newbies believe a solid baseball betting strategy is putting money on favorites. However, a seven year study of baseball proves that without a filtering system, this just isn’t true over the long run.

The study produced the following winning percentages and betting results:

  • Underdogs: 6,917 - 9,644 (-153 units)

  • Favourites: 9,619 – 6,891 (-641 units)

Even though the favorites won 58.3% of the games, bettors who backed only the favorites would lose four times as much as a bettor who backed only underdogs.

Based on above, it’s obvious that if you’re going to bet favorites, you need some sort of criteria to filter out those teams that just aren’t playing well enough for you to back them with your hard earned money.

The Smokin' Hot Baseball Betting Strategy does just that. It is based on a common sense approach that a “stronger” MLB team “playing better” right now, whether playing at home or on the road, will win at least one game of the first two games of a three or four-game series.

The eligibility criteria use a combination of ranking tools (to determine the dominant team) and simple statistics (to measure how well a team is playing) to find the favorites who offer the best value for your betting dollars.

2011 record for 2-game chase was 128 – 10 (92.8%); All games 128 – 61 (67.7%). Number of 2011 units: +69.95 (unit value = bankroll ÷ 50). Average odds: -163. See System #1 Final 2011 results.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to use the Smokin' Hot Baseball Betting System and four others by downloading the Free Baseball Betting Guide. To instantly download the Guide, enter your name and email address in the box in the top-right column.

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