Vendetta Baseball Betting System

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The Vendetta Baseball Betting System is similar to the Revenge System that is floating everywhere on the internet with the following differences...

The Vendetta Betting System "Does Not"...

  1. Take the +1.5 run line when the eligible team is the underdog. Contrary to what marketers of the Revenge System want you to think, it does lose from time to time. Taking runs in a 3-game chase builds up the amount you must risk in game 3 to get back your losses to unbearable levels;
  2. Change the criteria and count it as a win. This is not about creating a "make-believe" 97% win percentage to sell subscriptions. It's all about teaching you how to make sustainable profits from year-to-year.

The Vendetta System "Does"...

  1. Take the -1.5 run line in certain situations to minimze your risk.
  2. Suggest an amount to risk on a particular game so that you are not tempted to bet the farm on one bet and series.
  3. Provide you with specific criteria so that there is no guessing on your part.

It goes without saying that a baseball betting system that can assist in predicting when a team is extra motivated to win is extremely valuable. The Major League Baseball season is seven months long − twice as long as any other sport. How could any athlete play up to his ability over a full schedule? It's physically and mentally impossible!

In 2010, the top MLB team during the regular season was the Philadelphia Phillies with a 97-65 record (0.599). The worst team was the Pittsburgh Pirates with a 57-105 record (0.352). In contrast, the top NBA team in the 2009-10 regular season was the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 61-21 record (0.744). While the worst NBA team was the New Jersey Nets with 12 wins and 70 losses for a 0.146 win percentage.

The key to the Vendetta Baseball Betting System is that teams want to retaliate after an opponent sweeps them in a 3 or 4-game series. It's embarrassing! Thus, as long as the team is close in ability, they are very likely to win 1 or more games the next time they meet.

For example, if the Toronto Blue Jays sweep the New York Yankees in a series, we would look to put money on the Yankees the next time the two teams play each other.

Note: If you would like the full step-by-step instructions for using the Vendetta Baseball Betting System, instantly download the FREE Baseball Betting Guide by entering your name and email in the right-hand margin. The System was a perfect 22-0 in 2011.

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