Boston Weather at Fenway Park

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Fenway Park (1912 – present) owns the distinction as the oldest ballpark in major league baseball. Not only does it have the highest wall in MLB at 37 feet high (Green Monster), it also has one of the last hand-operated scoreboards in baseball in the left-field wall. Green and red lights are used to signal balls, strikes and outs. In 2003, the Red Sox added 269 new seats on top of the famous Green Monster.
Although the seats are cramped, the facilities old and the tickets expensive, it is a place that every baseball fan should go at least once. Fenway is a living museum to baseball.

The 37 foot Green Monster turns fly balls into singles in an effort to take away easy homers with one of the shortest corners in baseball (310 feet in the Monster's left field corner and 302 to Pesky's Pole in right). The park is deep to the alleys (379 and 380) and very deep to centerfield (420). Add in a very small foul territory and you get one of the best hitter’s parks in MLB.

As a hitter’s ballpark, ESPN ranks Fenway Park #7. In 2010, Fenway surrendered a total of 10.01 runs per game for both teams (3rd highest in MLB). Only Coors Field (10.59) and Yankee Stadium (10.31) surrendered more runs.

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