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Bovada, the new Bodog as far as the American sports betting market is concerned, officially launched December 14, 2011 as a ‘rebrand’ of the legendary sports betting website Bodog. In order to focus more on the United Kingdom & other part of Europe, and Canadian markets, Bodog has pulled out of the U.S. market completely. While the name may be different, the ease of use, reputation/security, and great customer service has remained the same. Not surprising, since it is run by former Bodog managers.

This sportsbook offers American players the opportunity to bet on all major sports, over 100 casino games, top North American horse racing tracks, and poker. It is operated by Meadway Leisure pursuant to a gaming license issued by the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada, who since 2007 has maintained a reputation for being trusted by its players and admired throughout the industry.

Here are a few things to consider when looking over this fine online sportsbook:

Strong Reputation

As of the end of 2011, Bodog has completely withdrawn from the United States market. Instead, Bodog offers Bovada to American sports bettors. It is essentially Bodog with a new name. It uses Bodog managers and Bodog technology, which has always been top notch. Like Bodog, this sportsbook is safe and secure so when you win, you know you will get paid!

Quality Service

Like Bodog, Bovada do not have the sharpest or earliest lines, so they provide an overall fun feel. Due to some of the top employee incentives in the business, their staff provide high quality customer service and go out of their way to make you feel special. Call or email anytime of the day or night and get help immediately.

Talking with a wagering consultant is a big part of sports betting. It is difficult to get the answers if you don’t understand the person at the other end. They makes it a point to find consultants who speak good English.

Dime Lines

Yes, this sportsbook offers a ten cent line up to -149 but their overnights are 20 cent lines.

In the sports gambling world, "dime line" means a 10 cent money line. It is the difference between the odds for the favorite and the underdog. Gamblers most commonly use the 10c lines in baseball.

The sportsbook offering the 10c line pays $10 more on the underdogs than the 20 cent bookie. This makes a huge difference over the course of the season.

Target Audience

Every sportsbook caters toward a different kind of sports bettor. The goal is to use this knowledge and take advantage of it.

Smaller, recreational bettors are the typical clients of this sports book. As a result, this book will tend to shade their lines.

Loose line sportsbooks are very popular in the sports betting industry. For the most part they shade their lines based on the public action that they’re taking. An example of this in baseball would be if a team that is a legitimate -140 favorite and is getting a lot of action, then a loose line sportsbook will move the number to -160 or worse.

If you like to bet on the underdogs, this may be a good sportsbook for you.

Programs & Promotions

Bovada offers a 15% cash bonus. What’s so special about this bonus is that you only have to roll over your money once before withdrawing. Other sportsbooks make you roll over 5 times before you can withdraw the bonus. It doesn’t offer a VIP program at this time.


If you are a casual bettor living in the United States and you’re looking for an overall fun gaming experience (not sharp and early lines), Bovada is for you. Given that it offers dime lines and is a loose line book (shades lines towards favorites) they may be ideal fit for you if you like to bet underdogs.

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