Cincinnati Weather at Great American Ballpark

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The $290 million Great American Ballpark replaced Riverfront Stadium in 2003, giving the hometown Reds a modern, baseball-only facility. The asymmetrical structure is tucked beside the Ohio River with fans strategically placed as close to the field as possible. It features the third-largest scoreboard in the major leagues. The ballpark’s lawn consists of custom-grown Kentucky bluegrass sod inside a synthetic plastic micromesh carpet.

The Great American Ballpark’s small dimensions (328/379/404/370/325 left to right corner), a wind tunnel from home plate to centerfield, and a narrow foul territory contribute to its reputation as a hitter’s park. Unless there is a strong wind directed towards home plate, fans expect to see many “long” home runs.

As a hitter’s ballpark, ESPN ranks the Great American Ballpark #8. However, in 2010, Cincinnati ranked #14 in total runs scored per game for both teams.

How much does MLB weather affect baseball scores? Check out Cincinnati weather.

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