Flat Bets vs. Star Ratings

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Flat bets are wagers that do not change. It means betting the same amount over and over again in your gambling. For example, say you place a bet on the New York Yankees and your starting bet is 10 dollars, then you continue betting 10 dollars on the next game without changing it. That means you are making a flat bet of ten dollars on each game.

Unless you are an expert handicapper , I believe that you should use flat betting. That means you should ignore star ratings and play every game the same. For instance, if you wager 2% of your bankroll, then stick with 2%. Don’t try to put a higher rating on a game just because you want to have action. You are just betting to bet which will lead to losing in the long run.

Another reason for recreational bettors to use flat bets is the amount of work that goes into finding the percentage edge. It’s a lot easier for a player to handicap a game and say that there is an edge, but it takes a lot more work to determine what that edge really is.

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