Labouchere Betting System

The Labouchere Betting System is a progressive money management system that allows you to make a profit even if you win less than 50% of your sports bets. If you are completely new to the Labouchere Betting System, click on this link.

After extensively testing Labouchere, I can say without any hesitation whatsoever, that it is a better method than flat betting. See comparison between Labouchere & Flat Betting here.

It makes me chuckle when I read in forums that the Labouchere System does not work. I'm not sure why others believe this but obviously they haven't spent a lot of time with the system.

Folks, it works and it works for this simple reason: When you win you cross off two numbers and when you lose, you only add one number. As long as your starting wager is small enough (I recommend 1/2% of your total bankroll) you will have positive results.

Even during an extended losing streak the system works. For instance, let's say your bankroll is $2,000. 1/2% = $10 so each labouchere unit is $5. Therefore, the line would be 5-5-5-5.

Let's say you run into a real rough stretch and you lose ten games in a row (this has never happened to me but statistically, it is possible). The line would look like this:


Your next bet would be $60 (sum of two outside numbers), which is 3% of your total bankroll. Totally acceptable. I will go as high as 5% of my bankroll using the labouchere method.

Now what happens when you reach 5% of your bankroll?

You make a sub-line. For instance, your 5% betting limit is $100. Divide the 100 by 5 to make a sub-line of 20-20-20-20-20. Your next bet would be $40. When you cross off this line, you erase the $100 from the original line.

Have fun with the Labouchere betting system. It is the best system that I know of for getting back your previous losses as quickly as possible without killing your bankroll.

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