Milwaukee Weather at Miller Park

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Miller Park, the 2002 replacement for Milwaukee County Stadium, is the only stadium in North America to feature a retractable, fan-shaped roof. The roof contains a large amount of glass, which allows natural light even when closed. Miller Park is a four-tier seating bowl consisting of the field level, loge level, club level and terrace level. The playing surface is natural grass.
The park has deep corners but shallow alleys (left to right, the fences are 344, 371, 400, 374 and 345 feet away). The narrow foul areas offset somewhat the deep fences to provide balance between hitting and pitching.

As a hitter’s ballpark, ESPN ranks Miller Park #15. In 2010, Citi Field surrendered a total of 9.62 runs per game for both teams (6th highest in MLB). Coors Field surrendered the most runs (10.59).

How much does MLB weather affect baseball scores? Check out Milwaukee weather.

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