Seattle Weather at Safeco Field

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Modern Safeco Field is home of the Seattle Mariners. In order to preserve an open-air environment, Safeco’s one-of-a-kind retractable roof is designed to cover, but not enclose the ballpark. The park also features one of the most-comprehensive scoreboard systems in Major League Baseball and an old-fashioned hand-operated scoreboard in left field.
Located near downtown Seattle, Safeco replaces the old hitter-friendly Kingdome with a more pitcher friendly facility: 331 and 326 feet down the left and right corners, 405 to center, and 385/390 to the left and right field power alleys. In addition to the large playing area, the high humidity of Seattle creates a 'dead ball' effect.

ESPN ranks Safeco Field #29 offensively. In 2010, Safeco Field surrendered a total of 6.70 runs per game for both teams (2nd lowest in MLB). Coors Field surrendered the most runs (10.59).

How much does MLB weather affect baseball scores? Check out Seattle weather.

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