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"Dominant Team Over Last 3 Years"

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This safe & secure betting system works because you will always find teams that play better than their record would suggest against certain opponents. It can't be explained, it just happens.

For instance, for the last three years, the Texas Rangers’ record against the Cleveland Indians is 21-4. Tampa Bay always seems to play the Toronto Blue Jays tough and their record proves it with 36 wins and only 18 losses over the last three years. It gets even more interesting when you break down the team records further to see how each team performs in ball parks across North America.

The simple premise of this system is to find match ups where one team has a dominant win-loss record over the last three years in the same ballpark.

At the start of each new baseball series, find all of the matchups for that particular day and check the record of each matchup in the same ballpark over the last three years. You can find a list of the daily matchups at MLB Games.

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2011 record for 2-game chase was 38 – 4 (90.5%); All games 38 – 21 (61.1%). Number of 2011 units: +22.23 (unit value = bankroll ÷ 50). Average odds: -133. See System #4 Final 2011 Results.

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