St Petersburg Weather at Tropicana Field

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The last remaining all-indoor dome stadium in major league baseball, Tampa Bay's Tropicana Field is a round gray facility. Although Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, was originally built for baseball, Tropicana has hosted 16 other sports and competitions.
Unique to the stadium are a touch tank of live rays for fans to feed (free), the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame (also free for fans attending games) and a cigar bar.

Tropicana has some of the most complicated ground rules in the game such as when balls hit certain ceiling catwalks they remain in play but if they hit other catwalks, the ball is dead. The park also features wide-open bullpens as part of a large foul ground that makes the park very pitchers friendly. As a fully-enclosed dome, rain, wind and humidity do not factor into play at all.

ESPN ranks Tropicana Field #30 offensively. In 2010, Tropicana Field surrendered a total of 7.89 runs per game for both teams (7nd lowest in MLB). Coors Field surrendered the most runs (10.59).

How much does MLB weather affect baseball scores? Check out St Petersburg weather.

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