Toronto Weather at Rogers Center

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Rogers Center is one of the world's most innovative and luxurious ballparks in the world. The facility opened in June 1989 and became famous for being the first stadium to have a fully retractable, motorized roof, as well as a 348-room hotel where 70 of the hotel rooms overlook the field. Rogers Communications changed the name of the stadium from SkyDome to Rogers Center when it purchased the stadium in 2005.
Rogers Center is a multisport stadium that is also home to the Canadian Football League's Toronto Argonauts. When the roof is open, the closed end of the stadium serves as a wind scoop which pushes the wind inward, preventing some balls from flying over the outfield fence. However, when the roof is closed, there is nothing to slow down the baseballs. Home runs fly out of Rogers Center almost equally to both right and left field.

As a hitter’s ballpark, ESPN ranks Rogers Center #8. In 2010, Rogers Center surrendered a total of 9.42 runs per game for both teams (8th highest in MLB). Coors Field surrendered the most runs (10.59).

How much does MLB weather affect baseball scores? Check out Toronto weather.

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