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Most professional gamblers agree that baseball is one of the best ways to make money since it is one of the easiest sports to handicap. Many sportsbooks (both online and Nevada) would prefer to close their doors during the baseball season so that they can avoid the huge losses from baseball. In fact, sportsbooks are happy to just break even during the baseball season.

Below you will find the second half of 20 baseball betting tips to help you make money this baseball season. But first, be sure to sign up for the Free Super Series Baseball Betting System to the right. By following the simple step-by-step instructions, $100 bettors earned $14,097 in 2010. If you don’t have 15 minutes each day to make your picks, we’ll even send you the picks for Free on a daily basis. You really have nothing to lose by signing up.

People bet on baseball for a variety of reasons. Some do it just for fun and to make watching baseball more exciting. Others bet on baseball to make money. Whether you are a recreational bettor or one who wants to make a lot of money, you can learn to be a savvy bettor and regularly beat the house.

If you're completely new to baseball betting, I would suggest reading baseball lines, which explains the most popular types of bets on baseball. In addition, check out Sports Betting Terminology in case you see a word or two that you haven't seen before.

Tip #11: Consider Streaks. Often novice bettors will bet on teams that they perceive to be a better team without considering which team is playing better right now. For instance, Vegas has the White Sox as a +135 dog playing in Minnesota. However, Chicago is above 0.500 on the road and is 7-3 in their last ten road games. Minnesota on the other hand is only 3-7 in their last ten games and 2-5 at home. It would appear that Chicago offers some good value as a dog.

Tip #12: Know the hitters. There are some who believe that hitting is more important than pitching. Whether you believe that or not, you will miss many money making opportunities if you ignore it. Here are a couple points to consider:

  • How have the hitters performed against left-handed starting pitchers? For example, in 2010 the Toronto Blue Jays scored an average of 4.66 runs per game over 162 games (ranked #9). However, against left-handed pitchers the Jays only scored 1.24 runs per game (ranked #30).

  • How have the hitters performed at home and on the road? For example, in 2010 Colorado scored 479 runs at home (ranked #1) but only 291 on the road (ranked #28).

Tip #13: Know the starting pitchers. The oddsmakers will often inflate the line for the elite pitchers. Therefore, sometimes you get more value taking the other team. With that in mind, here are a few things that can help you forecast how well a pitcher will perform:

  • Compare the two starting pitchers using a ranking system such as Sagarin’s Pitching System. Sagarin uses a complicated formula to rank the pitchers. If Sagarin ranks a particular pitcher higher who happens to pitch for the underdog, there may be some value there.

  • How has each starting pitcher done against the opposing team? For example, Roy Oswalt is 22-1 when starting against Cincinnati with an ERA of 2.65 and a WHIP of 1.116. Note: there was more value for Oswalt when he pitched for Houston.

  • How have the starting pitchers performed at home and on the road? For example, in 2010 Josh Johnson’s ERA at home and on the road was 1.57 and 3.27 respectively.

  • How do the pitchers perform in day and night games? For example, Adam Wainwright’s ERA during the day and night was 1.89 and 2.83 respectively.

Tip #14: Don’t ignore the bullpen. Everyone knows that starting pitching is important – especially when you take into consideration their splits against certain pitchers and teams. However, what many novice bettors ignore is bullpen pitching. Understanding a team's bullpen strength is often more important than starting pitching.

In 2006 the top five teams with the best bullpen earned run averages (ERA) were the Twins, Mets, Padres, Tigers and Athletics. They were also the five most profitable money line teams in 2006: Twins (+2,415), Mets (+1,728), Padres (+849), Tigers (+1,418) and Athletics (+1,984).

In 2010, the five teams with the top bullpen ERAs were the Padres (2.81), World Champ Giants (2.99), Braves (3.11), Devil Rays (3.33) and Nationals (3.33). For $100 bettors, the combined money line profit for these five teams was +$3,490.48 (not as good as 2006 but still very good).

Tip #15: Check the Latest News. Injuries can play a big role in the outcome of a game. Visit each baseball team's local news resources on a daily basis throughout the baseball season can give you a big edge on the bookmaker. See latest MLB News.

Tip #16: Do your homework. You wouldn’t buy a house without inspecting the house and researching the housing market. It’s the same thing with betting.

Here at the Guide to Baseball Betting, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive baseball betting website so that you have the information available to make smart betting decisions. If we don’t have it, send us an email and we will find it for you.

To make your homework as easy as possible, we’ve partnered with StatFox to provide you with time-saving baseball betting statistics on all MLB games, loaded with the most sophisticated handicapping information available anywhere. Everyone – from novices to professional bettors – can benefit from the easy-to-manage layout of the StatFox complimentary stats.

Tip #17: Weather can and does affect baseball betting. The biggest factor as far as weather goes is the wind. In his book “The Physics of Baseball,” Robert Adair noted that every 1 mph of tailwind adds 3 feet to a 400-foot ball flight. For example, the amount of home runs leaving Wrigley Field often depends on which way the wind blows from Lake Erie. To get current weather reports for every ballpark, visit MLB Weather.

Tip #18: Don’t bet the run line on big favourites. Although it is tempting to take the run line when the line for your favourite team is -250 or worse, it is often not a good idea. You would expect good teams to blow out weaker teams but statistics demonstrate that when teams are heavily favoured, they are more likely to win by exactly 1 run than a team close to pick’em. Thus, there is more value playing the run line “against” large favourites.

Tip #19: Discipline. They key to baseball betting is discipline. The biggest mistakes that most players make is betting too many games at once and betting too much on each game.

You’re feeling good after a few wins and then you get greedy and bet on too many games. Or maybe you’ve lost a few games and you increase your wagers with the hope of recouping previous losses. We’re all guilty of this at some point in our betting career. What you need is to come up with a game plan and stick to it. We can help you do that. Read the article Sports Betting Strategies to Reduce Risk and Maximize Profits.

Tip #20: Don’t mix drinking with gambling. There is a reason that Las Vegas casinos supply you with free drinks while you gamble. Successful sports bettor operate with a clear mind. If you have had too much to drink, take the day off.

If you take into consideration these Baseball Betting Tips when developing your betting strategy, you will have a very profitable year betting on baseball.

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