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Finding an honest system online can be a difficult challenge given all of the scum-sucking pigs online. How can you tell when you've found one? Well for one, they don't try to steal your wallet while pretending to give you something of value.

Let's take a look at a real honest system...

Historically, approximately 20% of series that go three games or more are won by the same team. Although the other 80% are not all decided on the last game, with a good filtering system, you can achieve a 65% or better win percentage with very low odds betting the third game.

Baseball is unique to other sports since it is the only game in America where teams play the majority of games in series of 3 or more games at a time.

As such, this system focuses on teams who are trying to avoid being swept by the same team. The system works because no team likes the embarrassment of their opponent sweeping them.

As long as the team avoiding the sweep is playing decent ball going into the series, they have a very good chance of winning the third game of the series. Note: the system plays the third game of four game series even though it’s not the final game of the series.

This is a very simple system with very few rules. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to use this System and four other powerful systems by downloading the FREE Baseball Betting Guide.

2011 record was 37 – 18 (65.4%). Number of 2011 units: +14.74 (unit value = bankroll ÷ 50). Average odds = -115. See System #2 Final 2011 Results.

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